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Letter from Rev. Carl Colletti, NJ District Superintendent

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 Dear Ken,

As you know, I was there at the beginning so long ago at a sectional meeting when we met at your home/apartment with brown bag lunches. You and your wife had a dream, a vision for the precious people in Marlboro.

I remember at a sectional prayer meeting a little bit later that you, my dad and me were the only ones who showed up. I knew from that day that there was something different about you.

All one has to do is look at the people present at Monmouth Worship Center AG, the activities, the old and new buildings and the influence you carry in your town to realize that God has shown up in a special way in Marlboro through His church. It would be eerie to do a Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed “It’s A Wonderful Life” for Monmouth Worship Center. Just think of the people who would not be in heaven, the families and marriages not healed, and the people not equipped and released to do the work of the ministry. Think about the lives that would not have been changed, the poor and under-resourced who would not have received help, and the wisdom of your church leaders to help others that would have not been there.

The local church is the hope of the world; and Monmouth Worship Center is proof of that.

Ken, we thank God that you and Louise answered the call of God to start a church in Marlboro. Because you did, many lives have been made wonderful.

Congratulations on your 25th anniversary! God bless you all! Be thankful to God for the past, but don’t rest on your laurels. There are still many people far from God and hurting to be loved on.

Keep cranking it out for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Frank Reitzel, NJ District Executive Secretary

 "Congratulations to Rev. Ken and Louise Jasko along with the Monmouth Worship Center Family for 25 Years of effective ministry in New Jersey.

The New Jersey District School of Ministry - Marlboro Campus, is only of one of the countless number of ministries that are blessed by Monmouth Worship Center. We are grateful for Pastor Ken's vision, as he offered MWC to be the host site for the first District School of Ministry in our section.

Monmouth Worship Center has planted seeds in many lives and in many ministries. The Lord is truly Glorified!"

 Rev. Dr. Dan Correa

Principal - Marlboro Campus

New Jersey District School of Ministry 

Pastor Ken and Louise,
I want to start by telling MWC  that you are very, very, fortunate to have Pastor Ken as your Pastor.  There are so many beautiful memories - the growth of a fantastic men's ministry - the play Very Early in the Morning - Easter service outdoors - but I must say my fondest memory is when we wrote our most meaningful scripture on the beams of our church.  I want to thank you Pastor for your faith in God.  I did not understand the magnitude of your faith in action until I moved away.  Fellow saints, you are really blessed to be part of Monmouth Worship Center.

May God continue to shower his blessing upon you,

Gene Ciabattari

 ...being at Monmouth Worship Center was to witness a birth...
...just as in our individual homes, from love came life, and a life of its own. 
...all the miracle and all the messiness, all the excitement and all the uncertainty...
...strong personalities but pulling together, putting up and taking down not only a music and sound system but entire Sunday school classes and a nursery...looking for land (without EPA concerns)... buying land and trying to get it zoned... heartbreak and breakthrough...all of it
...and now that baby is a young adult, and there are new miracles, and new messiness, and new excitement, and new uncertainty.
...but the same love, and the same life, Christ in us, the hope of glory.
Happy Twenty Fifth Anniversary to a special place and people,
I know, and am grateful, that I've been happy everywhere I've ever been and I know, and am grateful, that God has His people all over this world but there is nowhere I've ever been that has left such deep and pleasant memories as our time among you all 
His, yours,

J. Johnson, Elaine Johnson, and the boys (Jordan, Andrew, Taylor, Gabriel)

Dear Friends at Monmouth Worship Center,

 Greetings and best wishes from your missionaries, Patrick & Jeanne Collins in Rwanda!

 Thank you for allowing us to participate in this special occasion...the 25th anniversary of the church.

We have known you all for about 12 years now and we have so appreciated your friendship and your partnership with us in the ministry to the children of Africa... in Kenya first and now in Rwanda. God bless each one of you and a special congratulations to Ken and Louise- thank you for your leadership and for your vision for both home and overseas ministry.

 Have a wonderful celebration!

 With much love,

 Patrick & Jeanne 

We so appreciate Pastor Ken and our friends at Monmouth Worship Center because of the faithful support over more than a decade.  MWC picked us up before we ever went to Vanuatu, way back in 1999!  Pastor Ken has always been personable and kind towards us and we feel the other folks at MWC always have been, too.  This is a church with great leadership and a great attitude!  

 Congratulations on moving into your new place – we hope and pray that this will bring many blessings to even more people – and please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all that you’ve been to us over the years, for you’ve been with us since before we ever set foot in another country as missionaries.

 Tim, Beth, and Family

 Tim & Bethany Pike 

Hello Pastor Ken and Monmouth Worship Center Family,

I am so excited to write this note and celebrate with you! I have so many great memories form growing up at Monmouth Worship Center: being baptized, youth retreats, missions trips, and hearing Pastor Ken call me friend every Sunday in his message J. I thank God for you all and Monmouth Worship Center. I pray that God continues to bless the church; that you remain a city on a hill, no matter what building you are in, and continue to touch so many lives like you have touched mine. God bless you all!

 Anthony DeMoro